Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Privacy PolicyWe do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

2. Payment Flow and Delivery Policy

Impression kits– Once full payment has been made kits will be dispatched within two working days –

Veneers Upon Receiving a satisfactory impression we will notify you and you can order your veneers from the Wow Store the full amount for the cost of your veneers will need to be paid before we start to produce your Wow Instant Smile. If you have chosen to pay on a payment plan then you will need to make a 50% payment before we commence the manufacture of your veneers. Once we have completed manufacturing your veneers we then request the final payment before we ship the product recorded delivery to you using  the shipping address provided at checkout.

Manufacturing time is 14-21 Days

3. Refund / Cancelation Policy

If you change your mind after placing your order, simply return the impression kit to us in the same condition it arrived for a full refund.

2. One of the reasons WOWSmile clip on veneers are so affordable is that it is the customers’ responsibility to send us a good quality impression to use. We’re here to help you achieve this, but if you’re struggling you should attend one of our regional clinics or take your impression kit to a dentist. If you can’t provide a good quality impression, you don’t have to continue with your order.

3. Once you receive your made-to-measure, fully customised WowSmile you have a 14 day manufacturer’s warranty to alert us to any faults. If you are unhappy with the product we will work with you, where possible, to modify the product but we cannot accept returns at this point as the product has been made to your specification and to fit your impression, so it cannot be resold.

  • Please note for international orders the shipping fee is non-refundable and will be added to any one-off fees charged.


4.Manufacture Warranty 

The Manufacturing warranty will cover

Product short on gum line*

Loose fit*

Wrong product made

Made with/without staining per order

*These manufacturing faults have occurred due to a fault with the impression provided by the customer. This will require a new impression from the customer before the issue can be resolved,

The Manufacturing Warranty does not cover/excludes the following.

Misuse of the product

Accidental damage

Attempted repairs

Cross bites / Under bites

 5. Extended Warranty 

12 Month Extended Warranty

At the checkout, you are given the option to purchase a 12 Month Extended Warranty. This is a no quibble warranty that covers any form of breakages of the product, within the 12-month period. This starts from 2 days after your product has been dispatched. Within this time, the 12 Month Extended Warranty covers you for a maximum of up to 2 arches to be remade for you.

The 12 Month Extended Warranty does not cover/excludes the following.

Lost products

If you have a problem with the product, we do require images (in some cases a short video clip) showing the issue with the product for our technicians to assess and provide a course of action/ remedy. Please contact customer services who will send you a returns form, then send the return form and the faulty product back for investigation by one of our technicians.

6. Inserting the Wow Instant Smile

Establish the correct path of insertion to your natural teeth – do not force it.

Place the product over your teeth

Starting at the back apply pressure until it clips into place

7.Removing the Wow Instant Smile

Always use 2 hands

Starting at the canines (fangs) gently tease the product from side to side

Never twist or flex the product once it has been removed

8. Product Care

When cleaning your veneers, be sure to only wash them in lukewarm soapy water, if there is any left over debris within the Wow Instant Smile use a soft toothbrush to gently remove. Do not use the toothbrush on the outside of the Wow Instant Smile. Alternatively, for best results, use an Wow Instant Smile approved anti-bacterial cleaning tablet and ensure you rinse well before and after use.

Do not place your veneers in direct sunlight or in hot or boiling water as this may cause them to warp. If you keep your veneers in the provided storage case, ensure you clean the inside of your case regularly.

Your veneers are a custom-fit product. As such, they are only designed to fit your mouth. Do not let others attempt to, or insert a veneer designed for your mouth, into theirs. This could lead to permanent damage.

Ensure you keep your veneers away from pets, as they are instinctively attracted to saliva.

Do not trim, cut or alter your veneers as this will void your warranty. If you have any issues with your veneers, please contact a member of our customer service team.

If your veneers happen to become loose, are tight or you find them uncomfortable to wear, please refrain from using them and contact us immediately.