Clip on Veneer Upper and Lower

£899.00 £549.00

Wow Smile Instant Veneers upper and lower


Product Description


✔ 💉No Dentist Needed So
✔No Drills
✔No Needles
✔No Pain

Did you know that our clip in veneers

✔Can fit over crowns/bridges
✔Cover Gaps
✔Can Fit Over Missing Teeth
✔Can Lengthen worn down teeth
✔Create a straighter smile
✔Can Whiten Your Smile

More Information. They are

🌟Super thin at 0.3mm
🌟Clip over your natural teeth at the front and the back thus making them very secure.
🌟Can fit over crowns/bridges
can be worn everyday
🌟Our Veneers are custom made to fit each individual customer from our own WOWFlex material
🌟Our Veneers are digitally enhanced and hand finished giving maximum accuracy and fit


⁉How It Works ⁉

☑Order your impression kit

☑Once we receive you impressions you pay for your veneers or pay 50% of your veneer price if you’re on a payment plan.

☑Once we have made your veneers 7-21 days later you pay the remaining balance and we ship your veneers to you.

😁Happy Smiles


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