August 25, 2016

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usually named after the dental laboratory that makes them, such as Da Vinci which have been featured on the Extreme Makeover programmes...

Veneers are best though of as new tooth ‘facings’, which are bonded permanently to the front surface of the teeth. They can be made from composite resin or more usually a ceramic such as porcelain. There are also certain types of veneers usually named after the dental laboratory that makes them, such as Da Vinci which have been featured on the Extreme Makeover programmes.

What can Veneers be used for?

Dental Veneers are typically used to treat teeth that are stained, discoloured, marked, chipped or for patients who require straightening without orthodontics (braces). They could be used on a single tooth or on multiple teeth and can also be used in combination with other procedures such as crowns, composite bonding or to match a whitening treatment.

How long will they last and how to look after them?

Properly done, ceramic veneers should last 15-20 years and should be as usable as normal teeth e.g. biting apples, corn on the cob etc. They should be cleaned just as if they were your natural teeth – floss, good quality tooth brush. Indeed, they should look, feel and function like natural teeth.

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Treatment Procedure with Veneers

The most important part of any treatment is good diagnosis. Your teeth should be thoroughly examined, your bite checked and x-rays taken to assess the health of the roots. Assuming veneers are the most appropriate treatment option then the following is a guide to how the treatment may be done.

First the mock ups

Photographs and impression moulds will be taken of the teeth to plan the veneers. These are sent to our Wow Smile laboratory. A wax mock up is made by the laboratory on a plaster model of the patients teeth. The lab will make the ideal shape and sized teeth for the patients mouth and smile taking into account the position of their teeth and any specific desires for their smile that they may have. Once the wax mock up is back from the lab, the patient is brought in to check they are happy with the proposed treatment.

There will usually be a need to prepare the teeth unless Lumineers are being used, assuming of course Lumineers are a suitable treatment option. Preparation will involve carefully filing off some of the front surface of the tooth or teeth under local anaesthetic. How much will depend on the shape and alignment of the teeth, the colour, any fillings in the teeth, discolourations etc. Once the teeth have been meticulously prepared, impression moulds are taken of the prepared teeth or if you are having same day veneers then they will be prepared in the WOW Smile practice you are having your treatment. Temporary veneers made from a mouldable plastic are fitted. These are usually made from the wax mock up and so can be thought of as trial veneers. Assuming the patient is happy with the shape, position and size of the temporary veneers the impression moulds are then sent to our laboratory. If you are having same day veneers, then they are made in the surgery and fitted the same day.

Two to four weeks later the patient returns and the temporary veneers are removed under local anaesthetic and the permanent veneers bonded in place. The bonding process is quite time consuming and the procedure must be meticulously carried out. The bonding is the same for lab made or same day dental veneers.


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Our dental veneer treatment is perfect to bring a new life to your smile.

Can Treat

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  • Damaged
  • Chipped
  • Uneven
  • Build Up Worn Down Teeth
  • Reshape Teeth
  • Close Gaps

What ever reason you require dental veneers one of your highly trained cosmetic dentists will talk through your treatment plan with you.

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