Dental Implants


Give your smile some permanent wow, with our same day dental implant treatment.

From £200 PM

Dental Implant Info

Dental Veneers


Give your smile some permanent wow, with our same day dental implant treatment.

From £200 PM

Dental Implant Info

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Get a dentist free smile makeover today

Welcome to Wow Smile Clinic

Creating beautiful smiles perfectly designed just for you.

Open Evenings and Weekends to suit your needs

Wow Smile, a specialist dental clinic specialising in same day dental implants, veneers, full smile makeovers and clip in smiles. Based in London with clinics across the UK we have the best surgeons and dental professionals ready to assist you in creating a brand new Wow Smile.
Patient care is our priority and on your journey with us, you will quickly learn our focus is about you and your needs to bring a confident warm smile back in your life.

Our Dental Lab can manage many treatments that don’t require a visit to the dentist, for example if you have a broken denture or damaged bridge that is something our laboratory can restore for you. Not only do we save your precious time in todays busy world but as you don’t require a dentist to perform the work and you are going direct to our lab, this will make it much more affordable.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Dental Implants

Missing Teeth? Wow your smile with our dental implant treatment.

Implant Retained Dentures

Make your smile permanent with our implant retained dentures

Cosmetic Veneers

Upgrade your smile with Wow Smile dental veneers


WOW Straight, make your smile beautiful with adult orthodontic treatments.

Smile Makeovers

A complete WOW smile makeover. A complete smile design using many of our wow cosmetic treatments crafting the perfect wow.

Laboratory Work

Broken bridge, chipped crown or cracked denture? Come direct to our WOW lab and have your dental prosthetics restored.

Need Finance? No Problem!

Wow Smile can offer our patients great finance through our partner finance company.

Clip On Veneers, A Wow Smile First

Press on Veneers

Why Wow Instant Smile Clip On Veneers

Doing What Others Cant

The experience at our clinic and laboratory allow Wow Smile to create solutions to problems and issues other snap on veneer providers cannot


Wow Smile are the only clinic to be using WowFlex material. This material is not only flexible but very hardwearing, meaning our clip on veneers last longer and they are the most comfortable too.

Clip on Veneers

High Definition Detail

Unlike cheaper alternatives available our clip on veneers have the highest level of detail. This level of detail is obtained through our WOWFlex material and utilisation of the latest technology and techniques in our laboratory.


Our technology and techniques coupled with our WOWFlex material allows us to produce the thinnest clip in veneers available. Without compromising on strength and aesthetics.

Our Wow Smile Instant Smile is custom designed with our WowFlex material, each product is created as your solution to your specific problems